Ruibai people adhere to the corporate spirit of "altruistic heart and self achievement"

External Operation Inspection And Dcs Operation


Minimum Education:

Junior College

Recruitment Number:


Experience Requirements:



  Four shifts and three shifts (8 hours)

Job requirements

  College degree or above, majoring in chemical engineering or have some basic chemical knowledge, work conscientiously and responsibly, strong learning ability

Welfare treatment

  1. Provide shuttle bus, with canteen, provide free working meals.

  2. Provide housing with beds, water heaters, air conditioners, tables and chairs, and other daily living facilities.

  3. Pay five insurance and one gold for employees. 4.

  4. Provide various paid holidays: wedding leave, maternity leave, bereavement leave, nursing leave, etc.

  5. Organize free occupational health checkup for employees every year.

  6. Organize staff group travel every year. 7.

  7. birthday cakes and gifts for employees. 8.

  8. Holiday benefits and care and consolation money. 9.

  9. 13 year-end salary + year-end bonus (2-4 times salary), overtime allowance, high temperature allowance, etc.

  10. The company raises salary once a year. (10%-20% salary increase)

Contact person

  Ms. Wu:19305613307  

  Ms. Liu:19905616868