About Ruibai

Own independent patented technology for synthesis, separation, and purification

Henan Ruibai New Material Co., Ltd

Henan Ruibai New Material Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Ruibai Group. In the field of lithium new materials and fine chemical industry, Ruibai Group has patented technology of independent synthesis, separation and purification; Product quality is stable and reliable, lower energy consumption, stronger competitiveness. Has passed the IS0 three system certification and REACH certification, products exported to more than 80 countries and regions, with more than 600 foreign customers, more than 5,000 domestic customers.

The company has invested about 3 billion yuan in Yongcheng Chemical Industry Park, covering an area of 406 acres, making full use of the existing acetic acid, ethylene glycol, methanol, syngas and other resources in the park, building new materials, lithium new energy and other high-end product projects, and then chain extension, chain reinforcement, strong chain. Annual production of 1.39 million tons of high-end fine chemical products, output value of 11.8 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 880 million yuan, export foreign exchange income of 4 billion yuan.

Phase I Project: Planned investment of 2.5 billion yuan, the construction of annual output of 500,000 tons of ethyl acetate, 250,000 tons of anhydrous ethanol, 80,000 tons of acetic anhydride, 80,000 tons of glyoxal, 20,000 tons of acetallic acid, 140,000 tons of maleic anhydride, 100,000 tons of DMF, 50,000 tons of DMAC, 70,000 tons of lithium battery electrolyte grade carbonates and other devices.

Phase II Project: Planned investment of 500 million yuan, the construction of annual output of 100,000 tons of NMP, 22000m3/h natural gas to syngas and other devices.

Ruibai people carry forward the corporate culture of "innovation, cooperation to change the future", adopt the green low-carbon, high added value, circular economy operation mode, to help and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry in the park.

At present, the project has been completed with an investment of 978 million yuan, of which phase I central control room, analysis room, circulating water, frozen water, warehouse and filling station have been completed; Exhaust gas incinerator, sewage treatment, power distribution room and distribution, outer pipe gallery, tank farm and other auxiliary works finishing stage; Ethyl acetate, anhydrous ethanol, acetallic acid and other main devices are in the process of construction. DMF, DMA device main equipment, tower have been installed in place, has started piping; The main equipment and tower of the carbonate device have been installed. Each unit is expected to be completed and put into production this year.

Ruibai people adhere to the enterprise spirit of "altruism, self-achievement". After the completion of the project, 500 jobs will be provided for the society, and it will provide good opportunities for the collaborative development of enterprises in the park.

At the same time of accelerating the project, it is planning the project development of Hexi region: it is expected to invest 10.8 billion yuan, land area of 1200 acres, and build 7 industrial chains in stages from 2024 to 2030.

Anhydrous ethanol and supporting acetic acid industry chain: build annual output of 300,000 tons of anhydrous ethanol, 200,000 tons of methyl acetate, 200,000 tons of ethyl acetate, 30,000 tons of sorbate, 15,000 tons of potassium sorbate; Supporting 600,000 tons of acetic acid;
Electronic new material industry chain: build annual output of 200,000 tons of NMP, 70,000 tons of carbonate series, 100,000 tons of electronic grade methyl acetate, 100,000 tons of ethyl acetate, etc.
Acrylic industry chain: construction annual output of 500,000 tons of acrylic acid, 300,000 tons of acrylic acid, 200,000 tons of MMA, 100,000 tons of PMMA, etc.
Industrial chain of degradable plastics: build annual output of 100,000 tons of PGA, 50,000 tons of PBS, etc.
Formaldehyde series industry chain: the construction of annual output of 540,000 tons of formaldehyde, 60,000 tons of paraformaldehyde, 100,000 tons of methylal, etc.
High-tech material series industrial chain: construction of annual output of 80,000 tons of neopentylene glycol, 120,000 tons of ethylamine, 50,000 tons of MIBK, 50,000 tons of isopropyl alcohol, supporting 100,000 tons of liquid ammonia;
Maleic anhydride industry chain: construction annual output of 140,000 tons maleic anhydride, N-methylpyrrolidone, 50,000 tons gamma-butanolactone, 50,000 tons tetrahydrofuran, 60,000 tons PBAT, etc.

After the Hexi project reaches production, the annual output value can be increased by more than 25 billion yuan, with profits and taxes of 2.368 billion yuan.

The company is preparing to build the first chemical liquid terminal in Henan Province. It plans to build 4-6 berths, 1000-2000 tons shipping ship channel, product transportation to reach the sea, and terminal throughput of 2-2.5 million tons/year. Can reduce the logistics cost of hundreds of millions of yuan every year.

Reaper Group anchors the main direction of modern new chemical materials and new energy, such as green cycle, innovation collaboration, quality and efficiency linkage, and industrial agglomeration; By adopting innovative technologies to save energy and reduce emissions, improve quality and reduce consumption, and increase safety and efficiency, the energy consumption of tons of products decreased by 30% and investment decreased by 30%. With the Rebbe "to the bottom of the matter, seriously do everything; Finish what you start, leave no trouble to others "working principle, to the industrial base, production specialization, low carbonization energy consumption, high-end products, customer service satisfaction for the purpose; Practice the core values of "sharing, inclusiveness, pioneering, rigorous and innovative". Vision: to be the leader of solvent industry; Goal: To become the first choice of users with quality and service, to build domestic acetate, lithium new materials and high-end fine chemical industry chain, to make due contributions to the local economy of Henan Province and Yongcheng City!

Ruibai people is cooperating with CITIC Jiantou Securities in preparation for IPO. Through listing capital operation, it can further reduce all costs, expand market influence, achieve rapid and high-quality development, and finally realize a new situation of win-win future for the society, shareholders and cadres and employees.