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The company has now passed the IS0 three system certification and REACH EU certification.

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Methyl Acetate


Keywords: methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, formaldehyde, n-butyl acetate


Solvency power

  The solubility of nitrocellulose is similar to that of acetone and butanone, 4.5 times that of toluene, 3.4 times that of ethyl acetate and 2.7 times that of butyl acetate.


  Low toxicity, strong solvency power, low cost, non-toxic chemical, easy to purchase.


  It is used in paint, synthetic leather, leather surface treatment agent, adhesive, gun wash, etc. to replace acetone, butanone, toluene, ethyl acetate and other solvents with high cost or easily toxic chemicals.


Product advantages

  1、It is miscible with most organic solvents.

  2、With wide solvency power, it can dissolve acrylic, vinyl, nitrocellulose, epoxy, polyurethane. Polyester. Phenolic resins, etc.

  3、It has higher flash point and higher anti-white performance than acetone, which can better meet the requirements of coatings and paints technology formulations and users.

  4, in the need to use low boiling point volatile organic solvents in the process formula, can replace the application of ethyl ester and acetone, butanone.

  5、It can replace cyclopentane and fluorochlorine in polyurethane shoe material as environmental friendly foaming agent.

  6、Environmental friendly solvents, the use is not restricted.