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Adopt a green, low-carbon, high value-added, circular economy operation mode


Industrial support to create a new advantage of hub economic development, when the ten strategies are in progress.

Shangqiu City takes "building a bridgehead for opening up to the outside world and a new highland for hub economy" as its goal, vigorously cultivates hub-preferred industrial clusters, accelerates the transformation of traditional transportation location advantages into new hub economic advantages, and promotes high-quality economic development.
At 10: 00 a.m. on April 13, at Minyuan Iron and Steel Company in Yongcheng City, a special train full of iron ore was entering the operation site of the factory area through a special railway line.
Yang Yinpeng, Site Manager of Minyuan Iron and Steel Logistics Department:A train comes in from Lianyungang, about 46 knots, totaling about 3000 tons. We come in six trains on average every day, and 80% of the raw materials come in from this special line.
Railway through enterprises, thanks to Yongcheng good traffic location advantages. Yongcheng is located at the junction of the four provinces of Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui. It is the "bridgehead" connecting Henan with the Yangtze River Delta and coastal areas. It is close to the main railway lines such as Longhai, Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Kowloon, and Zheng-Xu. Pass. The convenient and developed transportation network and the location advantage of the thoroughfare of the four provinces have brought Minyuan Iron and Steel to this place at a glance.
Wu Tianguo, Vice Chairman of Minyuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd:It has greatly reduced our logistics cost. It turns out that our logistics cost per ton of ore is about 80 to 90 (yuan) through land transportation. After water-rail combined transportation, it will be about 50 (yuan) after "revolution to rail". Improved the competitiveness of our products.
Today, Minyuan Iron and Steel has grown into a modern iron and steel conglomerate with an annual rolling capacity of 4 million tons. Its output and scale are among the top three in the province's iron and steel industry. In 2022, Minyuan Iron and Steel completed an industrial output value of 17.4 billion yuan, ranking as one of China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises for two consecutive years.
Wu Tianguo, Vice Chairman of Minyuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd:We will continue to work hard and make greater investment in product structure adjustment and large-scale, intelligent and data-based equipment, so as to contribute more to building a new economic highland of Shangqiu hub.
At present, based on the construction of the transportation system, Yongcheng is accelerating the promotion of a number of key transportation projects such as Tuohuihe shipping, diversion from the Yangtze River to the Huaihe River, Yongdan Expressway, and intercity railway, and continues to improve the modern comprehensive transportation system of "air, iron and water.
In the Chemical Industry Park of Yongcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, the first phase project of Henan Ruibai New Materials Enterprise with an investment of 3 billion yuan is stepping up construction. The Yongcheng hub port, which is less than 2 kilometers away from the enterprise and has an annual cargo throughput of 6 million tons, will be completed in 2025.
Zhu Bing, Chairman of Henan Ruibo New Materials Co., Ltd:We are preparing to build the first liquid chemical terminal in the province. After completion, we can transport 200 to 3 million tons of chemicals a year to the Yangtze River in East China at low cost to achieve the goal of reaching the river and the sea. Compared with roads, one year can save the company 0.15 billion of logistics costs.
Yongcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee Executive Deputy Director Wang Wei:Henan Ruibai, the production of high-tech chemical materials and lithium battery new energy electrolyte, to the chemical park industry chain complement chain strong chain, to build a hundred billion hundred billion level park, play a key role, at the same time for the further development of Yongcheng city hub economy to lay a solid foundation.
At present, Shangqiu City is vigorously cultivating hub-preferred industrial clusters, including equipment manufacturing, textile and clothing footwear, food 3 billion-level industrial clusters, as well as refrigeration, superhard materials and other 11 billion-level industrial clusters, continue to provide strong support for the high-quality development of the hub economy.