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[2023 Solvent Industry Innovation and Development Conference Successfully Held in Yongyong]-New Product Launch Conference to Promote the Innovation and Development of Solvent Industry, Shangqiu Yongcheng Two-level Government Support and Location Advantages to Create a Win-Win Future!

On the morning of October 18, 2023, the 2023 Solvent Industry Innovation and Development Conference and the new product conference of Henan Ruibo New Materials Co., Ltd. were held in Yongcheng City, Henan Province. Cao Yuekun, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of Shangqiu Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee; Duan Zhiguang, Deputy General Manager of Henan Energy Group Co., Ltd.; Zeng Kai, Secretary of Yongcheng Municipal Party Committee; Mayor Liu Jianlong, General Manager of Economic Operation Department of Henan Energy and Chemical Group Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd. Chen Kui; Sun Guangjian, Chairman of Henan Energy Yongmei Group; Liu Pintao, Chairman of Henan Longyu Coal Chemical Industry; Municipal Standing Committee Chang Zhongwei, Ding. The conference attracted industry leaders, experts, scholars and business representatives from all over the country to participate.

Cao Yuekun pointed out in his speech that innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises. He hoped that Henan Ruibai New Materials would further expand its industry advantages and continue to lead. It is hoped that more enterprises in Shangqiu and Yongcheng will become the main body of research and development, innovation and industry, promote the independent innovation of their own core technologies, and accumulate sufficient power for the high-quality development of Shangqiu and Yongcheng. Cooperation is the basis for realizing the long-term development of enterprises. It is hoped that the representatives of entrepreneurs in the chemical industry and solvent industry at the meeting will deeply understand the profound meaning of "walking alone and traveling far away", win-win cooperation and work together to jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development of the new energy battery electrolyte industry chain, help Yongcheng further extend the chemical industry chain and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry. The environment is the guarantee for the realization of industrial development. It is hoped that the Yongcheng Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will continue to firmly establish the development concept of "project is king", further improve service awareness and capabilities, create a good business environment, cultivate and support the development and growth of more enterprises, and contribute to Shangqiu High-quality economic development contributes "Yongcheng is responsible".


Duan Zhiguang said in his speech that for a long time, Henan Energy has attached great importance to the development of the chemical industry, adhered to the principles of openness, tolerance, mutual benefit and win-win, and actively developed in coordination with strategic partners, focusing on advanced polymer materials, biodegradable plastics, electronic chemicals, The four major industries of hydrogen energy and new energy have realized the high-end, diversified and low-carbon development of the new chemical material industry, which provides a solid foundation for the development of the chemical industry. At present and for a period of time in the future, Henan Energy will strongly support Longyu Coal Chemical Industry to implement the initiative of extending and supplementing the chain and strengthening the chain. It is hoped that Longyu Coal Chemical Industry and Henan Ruibai New Materials will continue to deepen cooperation and jointly make Yongcheng Economic Development Zone Chemical Park better and stronger.


In his speech, Liu Jianlong, on behalf of the Yongcheng Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, expressed sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and entrepreneurs attending the meeting, extended warm congratulations to the convening of the conference, and introduced the city situation, economy and society, and the development of new chemical materials industry in Yongcheng. He said that new chemical materials are one of the leading industries in Yongcheng City, with a solid foundation, complete chain and perfect layout. In the next step, the Yongcheng Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will firmly implement the open investment strategy, focus on the "chain master" enterprises of new chemical materials, vigorously introduce upstream and downstream industrial chain and related supporting industrial projects, accelerate the creation of a 100 billion-level new chemical material industry cluster, and focus on Enhance the market competitiveness and industry voice of the entire industrial chain of new chemical materials. It is hoped that more entrepreneurs will enter Yongcheng, understand Yongcheng, favor Yongcheng, invest in Yongcheng, and bring more projects to Yongcheng to achieve win-win cooperation and common development.

Zhu Bing, chairman of Ruibai Group, takes this opportunity to express his sincere thanks to friends from all walks of life who have cared about and supported the development of Ruibai Group for a long time! Development is the eternal theme, cooperation is the cornerstone of success, and win-win is the common aspiration. Ruibai Group is committed to becoming a high-quality and stable solvent supplier, while developing in the direction of new materials, continuously expanding the business of electronic-grade solvents in the lithium battery industry, and vigorously exploring overseas markets. In 2021, relying on the products of Longyu Coal Chemical Industry and the resources of Yongcheng Economic Development Zone, the company will implement the product upgrading plan of "extending the chain, strengthening the chain and supplementing the chain", and invest and build a factory in Yongcheng Economic Development Zone to produce a series of products such as methylamine, DMF, DMAC, electronic grade carbonate and anhydrous ethanol. At present, there are 29 types of solvent products produced in Taizhou, Huaibei and Yongcheng bases, and the total annual output of chemicals will reach 2.828 million tons after all are put into production. Ruibai group can provide more and more varieties of solvents, product quality will be better and better, the service level will be higher and higher.

At the ceremony, Cao Yuekun, Duan Zhiguang, Zeng Kai, Liu Jianlong and others jointly pressed the project kick-off ball for the new product launch of Henan Ruibai New Materials Co., Ltd.

At the product launch conference, Wang Hui, general manager of Henan Ruibai, presided over the release. The products involve 7 categories of amines, amides, esters, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, and acids, with a total of 29 products and a total production capacity of 2.828 million tons. It is expected that by the end of 2025, all line products will be fully produced, and the group can achieve annual revenue 15 billion.

Subsequently, the conference to "solvent industry innovation and development" as the theme, to explore the new energy battery electrolyte industry and acetate industry chain innovation and high-quality development of the road. During this period, we will conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on the supply chain innovation of the solvent industry, the evolution of the supply and demand pattern of methanol market, the expansion of n-butanol, the breakthrough of edible and fuel ethanol, and the development of glacial acetic acid and downstream derivatives industry.



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