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Landscape Chizhou Lingxiu Jiuhua

Recently, the Henan branch carried out a spring outing in Jiuhua Mountain, Anhui. Jiuhua Mountain has a beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural heritage, which allows team members to relax and enhance their feelings while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Mountaineering: Jiuhua Mountain is famous for its steepness. Climbing to the top can overlook the whole scenic area of Jiuhua Mountain. In the process of mountaineering, team spirit can be strengthened and personal limits can be challenged.

Getting close to nature: walking and bird watching on Jiuhua Mountain is a good way to understand nature, and it can also enhance the interpersonal relationship of team members.

Holding a company team building activity in Jiuhua Mountain will be an unforgettable experience, enhance the communication and cooperation between employees, and improve the cohesion of the whole team.