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Anhui Ruibo New Materials Co., Ltd. 100000 tons/year ester, 360000 tons of formaldehyde and supporting products project (100000 tons/year ester project) and annual output of 100000 tons/year methylal, 150000 tons/year methyl acetate and supporting projects of environmental protection facilities completed and debugged

Anhui Ruibo New Material Co., Ltd.100000 tons/year esters, 360000 tons of formaldehyde and supporting products project (10million tons/year ester project) and annual output of 10million tons/year Methylal, 15million tonsCompletion of environmental protection facilities for methyl acetate and supporting projects in/yearDebuggingPublicity

According to the announcement on the "Interim Measures for the Acceptance of Environmental Protection for the Completion of Construction Projects" (National Environmental Assessment[2017]4No.), the project supporting the construction of environmental protection facilities completion time and environmental protection facilities commissioning date for publicity.

1. Project Overview

Project Name:10million tons/Annual esters,36Ten thousand tons of formaldehyde and supporting products project (10million tons/YearEster Project)Annual production10million tons/Methylal,15million tons/Annual Methyl Acetate and Supporting Projects;

Construction unit: Anhui Ruibo New Materials Co., Ltd;

Construction site: Anhui (Huaibei) new coal chemical synthetic material base to the west of Linbai Road and north of the railway;

Project Description: The project covers an area of about10Mu, main construction10million tons/Annual ester device,10million tons/YearmethylalProduction unit,15million tons/Annual Methyl Acetate and Supporting ProjectsAt the same time, supporting the construction of auxiliary works, public works, storage and transportation works and environmental protection works;

Total investment: 36000million RMB;

Contents of Environmental Protection Facilities for Supporting Construction of 2.

(12) Sewage treatment station: relying on the existing (semi-buried integrated power treatment facilities);

(2) Exhaust gas treatment system: loading and unloading station, tank farmAcetalExhaust gas, AAcetalUnit exhaust gasRelying on existingExhaust gas boiler combustion treatmentThe ester exhaust gas is absorbed by the absorption tower and then relies on the existingExhaust gas boiler combustion treatment; the treated exhaust gas is collected through one25Megaheight exhaust pipe discharge.

(32) Accident emergency pool (relying on existing), initial rainwater recovery system (relying on existing), toxic and combustible gas monitoring and alarm measures;

(41) Equipment and materials such as shock absorption and silencer;

(52) Hazardous waste temporary storage room (relying on existing), general solid waste warehouse (relying on existing);

(62) Seepage prevention in plant area;

(72) Greening of plant area;

(81) Investment in supporting environmental protection facilities600Ten thousand yuan, accounting for the first phase of the project investment.1.67%.

3. publicity time

Completion date of environmental protection facilities:2023Year10Month30Day


Environmental protection facilitiesStart and end time of debugging:2023Year10Month31Day-2024Year4Month30day.

Main methods of 4. publicity

Byanhui ruibo new material co., ltdThe website and the method of on-site publicity are made public to the society. Contact details are as follows:

(11) Name and contact information of project construction unit

Construction unit: Anhui Ruibo New Material Co., Ltd.

Joint Department Person: Meng Xinyu

Contact Phone:19156126182

(21) Name and contact information of the organization undertaking the construction of supporting environmental protection facilities


Civil worksEngineering


Communication, Electrical and Instrument Engineering

Fire engineering


Jiangsu Xingfan Construction Co., Ltd.

Xingrun Construction Group

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Jiangsu Tianmu Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Huaibei New Total Fire Engineering Co., Ltd.


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